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Trattoria Mamma Gema
Trattoria in Italian is a simple restaurant, home-cooked, like a tavern. When Pessali (my husband) needed to stop playing football professionally due to an injury, we decided that it was the right time to realize an old dream: to open a restaurant.
On 10/30/2002 we opened the Trattoria Primo Camilo - a tribute to the 'nonno' (grandfather) that the Pessali did not know, but who, like him, loved to receive and make friends around a good table. After exactly 8 years, on 10/30/2010 we opened the Mamma Gem, which bears this name because our mothers, my and the Pessali, have the same name: Gem! Later, in 2014, it was PizzaentreVinhos' turn.
We would like you here to feel how we feel when we sit in Mamma's kitchen with that table full of people, all talking at the same time, savoring delicious foods and that warm feeling of warmth. Feel free to have fun and savor our delicious Valley dishes and wines.
Enjoy your food!
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